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A billiard table or billiards table is a bounded table on which cue sports are played. In the modern era, all billiards tables (whether for carom billiards, pool, pyramid or snooker) provide a flat surface usually made of quarried slate, that is covered with cloth (usually of a tightly woven worsted wool called baize), and surrounded by vulcanized rubber cushions, with the whole thing elevated above the floor. More specific terms are used for specific sports, such as snooker table and pool table, and different-sized billiard balls are used on these table types. An obsolete term is billiard board, used in the 16th and 17th centuries.
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Professional Pool Table Movers

For those in search of a reliable and skilled service to move their pool table, look no further.We offer local pool table movers in Houston, Texas. These professionals offer safe moves with the knowledge and special equipment that ensures a top quality pool table move. With experienced billiards movers providing professional services, customers are sure to receive the highest quality care and attention when relocating/transporting their pool tables.

Our pool table movers in Houston have experience moving all types of pool tables from apartments, houses, businesses and professional pool halls. They understand that each move is different which is why they always provide personalized billiards service tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Their commitment to excellent billiard table service also ensures that the job will be done right the first time around so customers can enjoy their new billiards room with enjoyment and peace of mind.

Pool Table Services

From 1917 to 1923, the land where the park currently exists was the site of Camp Logan, a U.S. Army training camp named after Illinois U.S. Senator and Civil War General John A. Logan.[3] During World War I, the training camp was located on the far west boundaries of Houston. After the war in early 1924, Will and Mike Hogg, purchased 1,503 acres (6.1 km2) of former Camp Logan land and sold the area to the city at cost. In May 1924, the City of Houston took ownership of the land to be used as a "memorial" park, dedicated to the memory of soldiers who lost their lives in the war. The park is adjacent to the Camp Logan, Crestwood, and Rice Military neighborhoods

Pool Table Moving & Installation

Our skilled and experienced pool table installers and movers provide top-notch installation service to all of Houston and Harris County, Texas at an honest cost. All services by experienced professionals.

a pool table in need of repair. To fix this pool table it will take a precision level and some pool table shims.

Pool Table Repair Service

Pool table pocket replacement, pool table slate repair or replacement or pool table restoration. We can help you with all of these, even a basic re-leveling.

Replace Pool Table Felt

Our pool table refelting service will leave your pool table with a look and feel of a brand new pool table. Many colors of felt available. You can even choose to install custom felt.

Home Remodel Temporary Pool Table Move Service

Need help with moving a pool table temporarily? We can help move your pool table into storage while your home is being renovated or having new flooring installed. Our pool table moving and relocation services are perfect during a home remodeling. Call us to discuss your options.

pool table move to storage service lazybrook, houston, tx

What Our Pool Table Moving Customers Say About Us

We bought a pool table from a close friend but we had no idea how to move it. My wife called a local moving company here in Memorial Park, however, they referred us to Houston Pool Table Services. They're service was great, moved the pool table for us without a single problem. I would highly recommend!
Roger M.
Our upstairs bathroom flooded and long story short we needed new flooring. I made a phone call to these guys at the suggestion of the flooring company. They are very professional and know what they are doing when it comes to pool table moving. I would hire them again.
Brent C.
I wanted to surprise my husband by installing new felt on our pool table. I made several phone calls to local billiards stores but decided to hire Houston Pool Table Services. I'm glad that I did, they did an amazing job recovering our pool table with new felt. Thank you so much!
Brenda B.

Pool Table Movers Service Area

Memorial Park
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Upper Kirby
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River Oaks
Greater Heights
Southside Place
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Afton Oaks
Montrose is a neighborhood located in west-central Houston, Texas, United States. Montrose is a 7.5-square-mile (19 km2) area roughly bounded by Interstate 69/U.S. Highway 59 to the south, Allen Parkway to the north, South Shepherd Drive to the west, and Taft to Fairview to Bagby to Highway 59 to Main to the east. The area is also referred to as Neartown or Neartown / Montrose.
Lazybrook/Timbergrove, Houston
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Pool Table Moving And Relocation Services

Hire a pool table moving company that has the experience and expertise needed to properly disassemble, pack, transport and install your pool table. Pool tables are extremely heavy and are constructed in a way that can support the heavy slate playing surface properly. If a pool table is not installed correctly or is not properly handled during a move then permanent, irreversible damage may occur. Don’t risk your pool table, hire a pro!

Moving pool tables is a specialized service that cannot be trusted to just anyone. Call the pros at Houston Pool Table Services and rest assure that you and your pool table are in good hands. Providing services for all cue sports tables.

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Areas Served

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  • Upper Kirby
  • Memorial
  • Westchase
  • Central Northwest
  • Uptown

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a pool table requires a lot of work, time and special skills and tools. Not to mention, the knowledge and experience that it takes to get the job done right, without causing any damage to the pool table. Most residential pool tables require disassembly in order to move without causing damage to slate table top and wood frame. Also most pool tables are too big to fit though hallways and doorways while fully assembled. The proper way to move a residential pool table is to fully disassemble, pack, transport and then re-assemble/install and precisely level at the new destination. If moving a pool table within 15 miles, this would require a two man team plus a moving van. For the amount of time, labor and vehicle/fuel costs the average pool table move is going to cost around $400 dollars if you hire an experienced professional who can guarantee as damage free move.

In most cases a pool table has to be taken apart in order to move. The sheer weight of the pool table can cause major damge to the frame and/or pool table slate if moved with out being disassembled. Most residential pool tables are made with 3 pieces of slate as a table top, the slate is screwed down the to the frame of the pool table. It is very likely to damage and crack the slate when moving in one piece. The only exception is the one piece slate pool table which is usually only used in commercial type pool tables that are coin operated and have an automatic ball return system.

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional poo table moving company to have your pool table moved because of the complexity of disassebling and reassembling/installing the pool table. Moving the pieces can be easy enough with a few strong men but the trickiest part would be putting it back together. Installation requires a precise leveling and matching up of the table top which is made of 3 pieces of slate, it needs to be perfectly level and seem-less. Next is trying to re-stretch and install the pool table cloth across the table, again seem-less and without wrinkles or defects. While it may be possible for a handy amateur, I would not recommend it. The cost of repairing damage outweighs the potential savings.