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We offer a wide range of pool table services right from moving to repairs and pool table felt replacement in Houston and Harris County, Texas.

Pool Table Repair and Pool Table Felt Replacement

a pool table in need of repair. To fix this pool table it will take a precision level and some pool table shims.

Pool Table Repairs

Pool table repair services typically include releveling the slate, replacing felt (also known as baize), and pocket installation/repair. Additional services can include bumpers, rails, rail cushions, and repair of structural elements like slate, beams or legs.

Pool Table Pocket Repair

Pool table pocket replacements vary depending on the style of table. For a standard rail pocket, the rail has to be removed and taken apart to replace the pocket and/or fabric. If it is a torn pocket, this requires the entire pocket and surrounding wood to be removed in order to replace the leather pocket and/or fabric. In either case, it is also recommended to replace the felt lining the pocket since this often wears down over time with heavy use. After the repair, the table is releveled and play tested to make sure its in good condition.

Pool Table Restoration

Pool table restoration generally requires a complete overhaul of many components, including the felt, rails, cushions, legs, and pockets. Additionally, depending on the age and condition of the table, some restoration projects may require more complicated repairs, such as replacing slate beams or reinforcing the frame. With restoration projects, the entire table should be inspected to identify any hidden damage that may need to be addressed. Our professional pool table repair specialists can help you restore the table back to its original condition.

Pool Table Replacement Felt

Looking for pool table felt replacement near me? Replacing the felt on a pool table usually involves freeing the slate from the surrounding frame, stripping off the old felt, cleaning the slate, and then cutting and stapling the new felt to the slate and frame. Some repair companies also offer custom felt options and will dye and treat the felt to match any existing color scheme for the table. We offer pool table rails and felt replacement.

Pool Table Recovering

When it comes to recovering a pool table, there are many different quality and cloth options when recovering pool tables. Higher quality felt is usually thicker and tougher, offering better protection for the playing surface and increasing the table‘s longevity. Cloth wise, wool blend felt is the most popular choice for pool tables, as it offers good durability and control, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Other options include nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Call us today if you need a pool table recover service.

The most common pool table cloth colors are green, navy blue, burgundy, and black. Green is the traditional and most popular color for pool tables, but some players prefer the dark colors such as navy and burgundy, as it makes it easier to see the balls and lines. Of course, these days, there is a wide range of colors and patterns available to fit any style, decor, or preference.

Popular Felt Choices

  • Simonis Cloth The oldest and arguably most iconic brand in pool cloth, Simonis has a variety of cloth options to suit all levels of players and budgets. 
  • Championship Cloth known for their unique, performanceoriented cloth that emphasizes ball control and accuracy.
  • OSullivan Cloth a more affordable option offering a variety of cloth options and colors
Championship Invitational Billiard Cloth with Teflon Protection - 29 Colors

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